New Property Listings

There are some factors to be considered before step in to buy a new build homes. Do your survey on new property listings with the property details, comparative market price, types of property, location, developer background, and end financier.

Look at the affordable new property listings, set up your budget, and shortlist your search on new property listings on Further narrow your search on new property listings by budget, location and types of property. This will save your times on viewing of the undesired property’s types.

The benefits of buying a new property

  • Feeling good of new buyer will be the first people to occupy the new, clean and new design of new property
  • Less on repair and maintenance cost for refurbish, renovate or refitting the property. Some new homes come with partially furnished on kitchen or fully furnished with move in condition.
  • New fixtures and fitting can choose by desires of buyer. You can do your own design on the new property follow your taste.
  • New property comes with warranty (2 years) for defect upon delivery to purchaser. Within the defect liabilities period, all defects on the property will be take care and rectify by developer.
  • Property price including the cost of furnished fitting inject to the financing facilities. If you are buying a furnished unit, saved your saving for other use.

Factor to be consider before buying a new property

Comparative Analysis

List down the new property listings and compare with the similar old build properties in the same area.


Research the developer background on the previous track record on new property listings, completed project, repetition. Survey on your relative, friend or colleague, may find who bought completed project from the same developer.


Inspect on the quality of the property, if it is partially completed project.

Adding value

Value appreciation is important for long term investment, whereas return on investment (yield) is important for rental properties. If you are use for own occupy, then other factor such as amenities, greenbelt, accessibility will be the factor to concern.

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