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Property Letting Agents and Tenancy Agreement

Property letting agents

Property letting agents provide service on viewing , negotiating, signing Tenancy Agreement and handover of the property. Prior to sign a Tenancy Agreement, property letting agents will stated the mutual agreement between tenant and Landlord, and will advice solicitor to states in the Tenancy Agreement. There are clauses that Tenant is required to comply with:

Tenant’s Responsibilities and Covenants with the Landlord (Tenancy Agreement’s clauses)

Tenant’s Responsibilities and Covenants with the Landlord

Reserved Rent

To pay the reserved rent in advance on the day and manner prescribed in Tenancy Agreement.

Utilities Charges

To pay the charges of electricity, water, gas, sewerage according to the latest bills during the tenancy period. The utilities deposit is not allow to off-set for the outstanding balance of the utilities bills.

Used of Premises

Upon viewing the premises, the property letting agents will always notify the Tenant for the use of the premises. Tenant is bound to read and understand the content in the Tenancy agreement or can consult his property letting agents. To use the Demised Premises solely on the purpose specified in the Tenancy Agreement, for example the used specified in the Tenancy agreement is for residential, Tenant is not allow to use as commercial or production house. If commercial property stated the use of the premises is for commercial, then the Tenant cannot use the specified property for residential use.

Observe the Law

Observe and Comply with the Law, by Law with real estate rules and regulations and House Rules of the Demised Premises for the time being enforced. In real estate, there are several law enforced, such as Strata Title Act 2015, Contract Act 1950, Eviction Act 1977 etc.


Not to assign or sublet any part or whole area of the demised premises without Landlord’s consent.

Act affected Landlord’s Insurance

Not to do or permit to be done anything infringe the Law, by-Law affecting the said Demised Premises or Policy of the Insurance against loss and damage by fire may become void or voidable or the rates of premium may be increased. Then the Tenant shall agree to pay the Landlord all sum of increased premium and all expenses incurred by Landlord. In real estate, Fire Insurance have two basis of compensation, there are “Indemnity Basis” and the “Reinstatement Value Basis” (Replacement Cost Basis).

Keep the Demised Premises in Tenantable Condition

Tenant shall keep the demised premises clean and tidy in good and tenantable condition. For example, the air condition required to service twice a year to maintain in good condition.

To Restore and Yield up the Demised Premises

On the termination of Tenancy agreement, Tenant shall restore and make good any repairs or replacement on the Demised Premises, failing which Landlord will make the necessary replacement and all cost incurred shall be debt due from Tenant to the Landlord

Prohibited from Undesirable Use

The tenant is not allows to use the demised premises for illegal, unlawful or immoral purpose. Not allow to keep the unlawful goods gunpowder or any combustible inflammable goods.

To Permit Landlord for Inspection

The Tenant shall allow the Landlord and his property letting agents at a reasonable time by make appointment in advance with the Tenant to inspect the demised premises.

Tenancy Agreement 2
Tenancy Agreement