Real Estate – Team Leader and Team Manager

Real Estate Career

Many people think that real estate career is easy money, there is unlikely. In real estate, you can earn good money otherwise, depends on your efforts. Your income is not limited, and very much base on your efforts, ethic and skill. It is very much similar to your own business. You can build your reputation among client and will get referral from clients, if they like your service. The real estate agent is not a “salesman”, whereas it is a service business. Repeated business very much depends on your service provided to your clients.

You no need to be graduate on diploma or degree but you need to study a basic knowledge on the property you are doing, the details of property such as size, furnish, tenure, car park, condition etc. You are required to be well prepare to answer all question to your clients, to serve him with the professional standard by way of integrity.

On other sales career, you need to continually find your new clients, but in real estate buyer or tenant will find agent at classifieds advertising base on location, types and budget. Most of the time, your clients are looking for your service. Landlord and Seller may engage real estate agent who focused on particular area.

Agent can work on their own schedule, just like an independent contractor and can develop their own business on the way they desires. They can choose which location, types of property they want to target for their business.

The nature works of agent are inspection of property, answer the telephone call, qualify buyer or tenant, conduct viewing, collect booking and complete the transaction.

All types of career needs to put efforts in order to be success, but only in real estate industry your efforts may come with great rewards, and isn’t limit.